Coronavirus Outbreak live updates: 09 June 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak live updates

Coronavirus outbreak live updates: 06:30 IST on Tuesday 09 June (03:00 CEST), there have been 265,928 cases confirmed; 7,473 people have died and 129,095 people have recovered from the virus.

According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University 7,085,894 cases have been detected worldwide; with 405,168 deaths and 3,180,479 people now recovered.

India: More public spaces reopened despite record infections

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Indian Sikhs in Delhi offer water believed to be holy by observers of the religion to devotees inside Sri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara; a Sikh place of worship, as the country relaxed its lockdown restrictions.

Malls and temples reopened in several cities across India on Monday despite the country reporting a record daily number of new coronavirus infections; with the pandemic expected to ravage the country for weeks to come.

After a 10-week lockdown, the government has risked lifting some restrictions in a bid to ease the devastating blow to the economy dealt by the coronavirus.

Delhi struggles with Covid

The chief minister of India’s capital Delhi has said that state hospitals will now be reserved only for residents of the city.

Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement came amid allegations that hospitals are refusing to admit new patients.

Delhi has witnessed a surge of infections in recent days. It currently has 27,000 cases with 761 deaths.

India has a total of 256,611 confirmed Covid-19 cases, the fifth-highest number in the world.

A five-member expert committee comprising top doctors told local reporters that Delhi could record 100,000 Covid-19 cases; by the end of June if we follow the trend we are looking at; which “suggests that the cases are getting doubled every 14-15 days”.

The news comes even as India has taken steps to further relax its stringent lockdown; malls, restaurants, temples and offices are open from Monday.

Pakistan infections cross the 100,000 mark

In Pakistan, coronavirus cases increased at a rapid pace last week; crossing the 100,000 marks on Sunday, according to government data. Also on Sunday, the country registered 4,728 new cases; taking the total since the outbreak began in late February to 103,671, the data shows. 

At least 68 people died on Sunday, bringing the death toll countrywide to 2,121, according to the data. On average, cases rose by 4,458 cases per day last week, a doubling from the rate of a week before.

Pakistan’s government has largely lifted restrictions on businesses and economic activity; with Prime Minister Imran Khan cautioning citizens to police themselves and follow hygiene guidelines in order to avoid infection. 

Last week, Khan ordered the tourism sector be reopened across the country.

New Zealand to lift last COVID-19 curbs at midnight

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand will lift its last remaining restrictions to curb the coronavirus at midnight (12:00 GMT) when the country will return to Level 1 on its four-level system of alerts.

Therefore Ardern said New Zealand had introduced a strict lockdown 75 days ago with the aim of getting to a level “where life feels as normal as it can in the midst of a global pandemic. Today, I can announce that cabinet has agreed we can now move to Level 1.”

International borders will remain closed given the challenge of COVID-19 around the world. 

“There’s no denying this is a milestone,” Ardern said. “Thank you, New Zealand.”

No local transmission for two weeks in Thailand

There has been no local transmission of coronavirus in Thailand for the past two weeks; with all 77 cases over the last 14 days imported from overseas.

Therefore, Taweesin Wisanuyothin, a spokesman for the government’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration says the authorities confirmed seven new cases of the disease on Monday with no deaths. All the cases were among people returning from overseas and they were quarantined, he said.

Abu Dhabi extends movement ban

The government in Abu Dhabi extended by one week a ban introduced on June 2; that prohibits people from moving in and out of the emirate and travelling between its major cities.

Hence, the measures applies to all residents of Abu Dhabi, the largest member of the United Arab Emirates federation; with exceptions made for those working in vital sectors.

Movement within, but not between, the cities of al-Ain, al-Dhafra, and Abu Dhabi is allowed outside the hours of a nightly curfew; already in force to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Qatar to gradually lift lockdown in four phases 

The Qatari government has unveiled a four-phase plan to gradually lift coronavirus restrictions.

Therefore, the first phase beginning on June 15 will see, among others, the limited reopening of mosques; followed by a partial opening of restaurants on July 1.

Hence, Under phase 3; flights from low-risk countries will resume and shopping malls and markets with limited capacity will re-open on August 1.

Starting on September 1, wedding parties and business gatherings including exhibitions will also be permitted.

Brazil’s contradictory data deepens confusion

Causing further confusion over the real number of coronavirus cases and deaths; Brazil’s health ministry published data contradicting official figures uploaded to the ministry’s online data portal.

The ministry said in a statement the discrepancy was predominantly due to mistakes in the numbers from two states that were later corrected. It explained that the later, lower daily death toll of 525 was the correct one.

Therefore “By changing the numbers, the Ministry of Health covers the sun with a sieve;” Rodrigo Maia, the speaker of the lower house, said on Twitter.

“The credibility of the statistics needs to be urgently recovered. A ministry that manipulates numbers creates a parallel world in order not to face the reality of the facts,” he added.

Poland to shutdown dozens of coal mines over COVID-19

Poland announced the closure of a dozen coal mines for three weeks starting from Tuesday in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus as miners account for 20 percent of reported cases.

The move came as the country recorded its largest daily jump with 599 new infections.

“Such action is needed to eventually quell these epidemic outbreaks,” Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin told a news conference; adding that miners would receive full pay for the three weeks and coal deliveries would not be affected.

However, the news was not welcomed by the miners’ Solidarity union that believes the closure would lead to a permanent shutdown of the mines as the government was already planning to restructure the industry.

Lockdowns averted 3m deaths across Europe: Study

Restricting measures imposed by governments in 11 European countries have averted the deaths of more than three million people, according to a new modelling study produced by the Imperial College of London.

“Our results show that major non-pharmaceutical interventions, and lockdown in particular; have had a large effect on reducing transmission,” the authors said in the study, published in Nature Research.

Using European Centre of Disease Control data on deaths in 11 nations in the period up to May 4; they compared the number of observed deaths in the countries against those predicted by their model if no restrictions had been imposed.

As a result, they estimated that around 3.1 million deaths had been averted by the policies.

WHO head urges countries to keep up fight against virus 

Thus, The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries to press on with efforts to contain the novel coronavirus; noting the global situation is worsening.

“More than six months into the pandemic this is not the time for any country to take its foot off the pedal;” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told an online briefing.

“This is the time for countries to continue to work hard, on the basis of science, solutions and solidarity”.

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